Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hybrid House in Joshua Tree, California by Ecotech Design

Images Courtesy Jack Parsons

WALTER SCOTT PERRY, Architect, AIA, Principal of ecotechdesign
(, and Founder of ecotechbuild, has practiced sustainable architecture and been a leader and advocate for green design since the early 1970’s – the pioneer days of the passive solar movement in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Mr. Perry’s work includes award-winning commercial, institutional, and residential projects designed and built across the U.S. for over four decades. His work is recognized for the creative application of design innovation in generating practical and affordable, yet sophisticated architecture and master planning at all scales from small residential remodel to large commercial work. He holds several degrees, including a Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania.

ERIC ENGHEBEN, President of 44 West Construction, Inc. (, and a licensed General Engineering and Building Contractor with over 30 years experience, has always integrated green technologies. Recently, he completed a LEED Platinum rated residence in Los Angeles. His custom homes are featured in national publications and have received numerous awards. 44 West
Construction, Inc., is a leader in construction quality, cost control, scheduling, waste management, green innovation and the integration of new technologies in all its projects. Their focus is on responding to client needs in order to realize maximum creativity and customer satisfaction. 44 West Construction has over five years experience and is an industry leader in the repurpose and reconstruction of shipping container homes.

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