Thursday, January 22, 2009

Biodiesel is a ripoff?

Just came across this article. First article I've read that questions the hype. Something to really consider and figure out. Basically, I would need something like 12,000 gallons of algae growing to produce 1 gallon of algae oil a day. And that would be under optimal conditions with lighting, C02 and PH balance. Food for thought.

In the comments:

AS much as I would like to believe that those numbers are realI live in the world of physics and factsFirst of all with a diameter of 50 cm which is 157 circumferenceyou must subtract the inefficient portion of the volume that has little or no photosynthesis or about 42-45cm diameter which is unproductive no matter how you mix or agitateconsidering a ring of about 1cm depth for maximum photon excitement 1cm more for medium 1cm for poor say 20% (probably less) and beyond that just unproductive volumethat leaves about 70% of the volume unproductive.Which is the fundamental problem with large diameter tubesI want one of those reactors that produces 30-40gm/LI want these things but they are in dreamland not here in realityOn the farm the reality is throw away your initial investment and never consider it againthe actual harvest is about .15gm oil/L/dayand even the wildest “practical reality” on the farm COULD be1gm Biodiesel/day/liter that means you Need a photobioreactor that you can harvest 454liters for 1lb of oil or3087 liters for 1gal now you cant harvest all the water every day you have to leave about 75% so 3087=25%X you need a12000 gallon Photobioreactor to produce 1 gallon of biodiesel/day and with actual farm yield you would need a 75,000 gal PBR for that 1Gal/day 1 gallon

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